Our laptops may sometimes get inflicted with some problems. Most of us, at the very identification of the problem will run to a repair centre. Now think twice before you run. What if the problem is just a small that you yourself can solve? You are then going to save your money and time, as well as becoming a laptop repairing expert! When you engage in your laptop repair, you should keep in mind some tips beforehand. Here are some basic tips and tricks to help you with your next laptop computer repair situation.

  •   It is not wise to disassemble a laptop if it doesn’t really need to be. Check whether the problem is serious so as to disassemble the laptop and make a ‘surgery’.

  •   Always be sure that you use the right tools while repairing yourself. Use the multimeters, right screw drivers, forceps and other tools and use them wisely and carefully that you don’t harm your device

  •   Keep away from things that can cause static electricity. Avoid contact of laptop with any carpets or similar things, scrubbing on which will cause static electricity to develop.

  •   Check your laptop thoroughly beforehand for any problems and make sure what has happened to your laptop. Start up the laptop and make sure the system is working and where does it show problems. And only then, proceed to your repairing tasks with discretion.

  •   When you disassemble the laptop and unscrew it, keep the parts you remove in a safeplace and make sure from where you took out the removed part.

  •   Always keep the screws with the parts they have been taken from, or else you will suffer with a lots of screws while reassembling and get confused.

  •   Place the right sized screws back into the parts when it’s time to reassemble them.

  •   You should also study the working of the internal parts like connectors. Observe how the connectors work and how are they connected, before you disconnect them.

  •   It is better to make notes while you disassemble the laptop and pull apart different parts of the laptop, because it will help you to understand your proceedings and can be useful in future repair strategies.

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