Real Expert-iPad Services Doha,Qatar


When your iPad speaker stops working, many other features are affected along with it. Music app stops playing, notification sounds not working, messages and call alerts won’t be heard at this time the user gets annoyed and they knows the importance of a working speaker and somehow wants to fix the issue. At this point of time many people would jump and make a conclusion that it’s a hardware failure. But it’s always good to diagnose with a good servicing centre and get it fixed. We at Real Expert Qatar fix speaker related problems with all models of Apple iPad’s. We provide warranty for speaker replacements.


Are you frustrated with your broken iPad screen? Relax and Hand over your shattered iPad to us and come back to collect it in a couple of days, your iPad may pretend that it never happened. We at Real Expert have expertise to remove your broken iPad screen. The work is done with at most care ensuring no damage is caused to the fragile aluminium frame and running gear flex cables inside the iPad.


If you are facing any of the issues like iPad Back Panel bent, broken iPad Back Panel, iPad Back Panel has scratches, and then it’s the right time to have a Back Panel replacement. All the models of the iPad have the components mounted on the back panel hence the process is complicated and has to be done at one of our service centre. We at Real Expert Qatar provide all types of Back panel repair for almost all models of Apple iPad’s. Our servicing methodology is different from others, we fully check your iPad before the repair starts in order to detect any other problems it may have. We will fully test your iPad after the repair before returning it to you to confirm everything works well.


The iPad's battery generally lasts for years, but if you are facing issues like battery gets bulged, battery backup is low, your iPad is heating or it is not switching on or it switches off randomly? These symbolises that your battery is failed and it’s better to have a battery replacement. When one part of a battery fails, it can cause more stress on the other components, which will eventually lead to complete failure. A normal person can't easily replace a failing battery with a new one because of Apple’s unique designs. Apple’s iPad with solid cases can be get through by expertise. We have expert technicians in iPad battery repairing, who assures 100% security to your iPad.